Pesan Cinta Buat Generasi Istimewa

16 April 2020


Safinah Azmir, M.Pd Safinah Azmir, Read More Do not feel your time is up. For three years, we teach you. Lots of experience we got All because of your specialty Why not? Your diversity and uniqueness is a pleasure for us. We can taste every taste. Starting from the low voice to high voice we play. Ah, a sign of an extraordinary generation. Who knows No one knows All the powers of God Almighty Your struggle has reached its end. Your great teachers determine your struggle. There is no such thing as a national exam. Daily grades determine your graduation. Determined by your teacher The message of love for the 2020 generation Special generation Defend your faith Show that you are a pious daughter and son. Alumni of MTsN 3 Kota Padang. Continue your struggle. Achieve your dreams, for the sake of a good future in the hereafter. #Special For Students of MTsN 3 Kota Padang# #Special Generation # #2020 Generation#

Changed to English Version by Muhammad Naval

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Mereka Butuh Kita

Mereka Butuh Kita

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Bersanding Bukan Bersaing

Bersanding Bukan Bersaing

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